Aloha Lures

Aloha Lures are handmade by legendary Captain and master craftsman Erik Rusnak a.k.a. "Merlin". Erik started his lure making career decades ago under the brand of "Merlin Bluewater Lures" and later on shifting to the "Aloha Lures" brand. His lures have caught many Granders over the years, and his foothold in the handmade lure market has continued to hold its place as some of the best produced trolling lures all around the world. Erik is regarded as a pioneer in this industry for spreading the love of handmade trolling lures around the world as the Aloha Lures brand was one of the first to truly hit it big.

The Aloha Lures name is held high among its peers such as Marlin Magic Lures, Black Bart, & Coggin Lures and has not lost footing over the decades they have been produced. Their demand continues to rise and are becoming increasingly difficult to locate due to their supply and demand challenges. These continue to produce tournament winners and are still found in the spreads of top tournament Captains all over the world. 

We are excited to begin our relationship with Erik Rusnak and the Aloha Lures brand - It is has been a desire of ours to carry these esteemed baits since we began as a distributor of handmade lures. We believe they are easily some of the best produced lures in the market and belong under the GZ Lures umbrella. You will be hard pressed to find better produced lures or more successful lures than Aloha Lures.

Here is our interview between Capt. Chris Donato & Capt. Erik Rusnak of Aloha Lures where they discuss various Aloha Lures, the science behind different attributes of lure making, and Erik's history and background in fishing and lure making.