JB Signature Lures - Crusher

From David Harrison, lure maker of JB Signature Lures on the Crusher:

"With proportions somewhere between a short plunger and straight runner, Crushers have a nice aggressive but easy running action that works consistently on the short or long corner, but also run hard and stand out on the short rigger.

Crushers throw a nice rooster tail with plenty of splash and a nice thick smoke trail, with an enticing action in all but the roughest conditions at 7 – 9 knots. Crushers run best when rigged with a single hook.

Like all JB Signature lures the hole at the back of the head is enlarged to act as a hook look, just put some tape or heat shrink on the front crimp and pull it into the hole to lock the hook with the desired orientation."

They come in 9" Medium, 12" Large, & 14" XL sizes with fish head inserts.