Coggin Lures

Coggin Lures are all handmade one by one by world-renowned lure maker Steve Coggin. Steve started making lures decades ago in Hawaii with other legend lure makers such as Marlin Parker & Erik Rusnak. He is one of the second-generation lure pioneers that helped bring lure making to what it is today. Steve's brand is well known all around the world as a maker of premier trolling lures with countless tournament winnings using his lures.

One really unique aspect of Steve's lures is that you will not find two lures perfectly alike the other. His shell and dichro inserts have become famous for both their distinct look (you can pick out a Coggin lure from a massive pile with ease) and their artistic design. The dichro glass inserts are unlike any you've seen with extreme bright iridescent colors that are sure to catch the attention of any fish. And the traditional shell inserts are all 100% real shell pieces cut distinctly and carefully to be placed perfectly on the insert - These are all beautiful works of art that pictures cannot do justice for. There are very few lure makers out there that even come close to the artistic design of Steve's lures. 

And it would be one thing if they were just art pieces, but again, these lures catch fish and a LOT of them. They didn't become famous just for being "pretty." They became famous because of those tournament $'s and the massive fish that were pulled out of the water by them. The Tado is one of his most famous head shapes for Grander-sized Marlin, but he makes fantastic lures for anything from Aku/Skipjack to Mahi Mahi/Dorado to Ono/Wahoo to Ahi/Tuna to Billfish of any kind like Sailfish, Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, etc. There's not a big fish in the ocean that these lures won't catch for you.

Steve makes a ton of different head shapes in different sizes, so it's practically impossible to keep them all in stock, not to mention every color. Use the "Request Box" page from the menu bar to request lure shapes or colors. I will order the color and lure of your choice with my next order and will be sure to contact you when it arrives. No payment required.