TANTRUM Lures - Large Kaboom

The Large Kaboom is a 12" skirt saddle sized Straight Runner shape with a steady very slight taper along the lure head towards the slanted nose. Keel weighted for excellent balancing.

From Nick Durham on his Large Kaboom:

"The Large KABOOM has been created on the back of the resounding success of the XL KABOOM! Those that have run the larger versions of the KABOOM will know that this shape is one that will create a lot of commotion, push a lot of water and run as straight as an arrow – all the ingredients for a giant marlin magnet! The Large KABOOM will be a perfect short or long corner lure for those running 50lb gear for blue marlin, or an ideal long corner or short rigger in a heavy tackle spread. A lot of people have been asking for this shape for a long time and we have delivered!

  • SKIRT LENGTH: 13.5″
  • HEAD LENGTH: Approx. 2.9"
  • HEAD WEIGHT: 6.7oz
  • RECOMMENDED POSITIONS: Short Corner, Long Corner, Short Rigger, Long Rigger

BOM Skirt Size 602
TANTRUM Skirt Size 12.5"