Aloha Lures - "Mistake" Small Beauty

This particular shape is known as the Small Beauty, but here we are focusing on a particular version which Erik Rusnak refers to as the "Mistake".

The Small Beauty is the 7" version of one of Eric's most popular lure shapes with a heavy front and reverse tapered face with a deep cup to the nose. 

Here is Erik Rusnak on the Mistake:

"The Aloha Mistake has been one of the fishiest accidents in my arsenal. The original lure caught thousands of pounds of trolling fish before it was finally lost.

Encouraged by its original success, I've made many of these over the years, and it's proven itself consistent and deadly. The head shape is my standard Aloha Small Beauty, but the insert is constructed of dichroic "magic" glass.

This amazing glass is a fusion of color and reacts with sunlight creating an intense glow. With a cost of nearly $200 a square foot, dichroic glass is an expensive but productive addition to any lure design. Stay tuned for more Aloha shapes with the Magic glow of dichroic speciality glass!"

And here is Erik Rusnak on the Beauty shape:

"In the wiggle and swim category, nothing beats a Beauty!

The original Aloha striking Beauty has been a staple for fisherman around the world for over 25 years.  The barrel shape and cupped face are a combination for top performance action in all sea conditions.  Designed to run with a tight side-to side head shaking motion, this explosive swimmer looks like a living fish.

With millions of dollars in tournament winnings the Aloha Beauty is a proven and reliable tool for all offshore hunting."

BOM Skirt Size 302

Head Weight: 1.5oz

Head Length: 1.5"