Bonze Lures

Bonze Lures were designed by Captain Graeme 'Bonze' Fleet out of New Zealand, with the start of his lure-making career resting in the Bay of Islands when he caught a Striped Marlin on the first test run of the first prototype he ever built - From there, the rest was history as demand for his lures ballooned. To add to his credibility, Bonze is a two-time winner of the Billfish Foundation Award back in 2008 and 2009.

Bonze Lures have continued to build upon their excellent reputation for catching fish and have been tested around the globe and in the harshest of conditions, including Cape Verde and the Azores. Their presence and demand here in the US has continued to spike due to the continued success their lures have been producing by recreational, charter, and tournament fishermen. Recently we were approached with the opportunity to carry their lures and be one of the first tackle shops in the US to assist in distributing their product not just domestically but also internationally - We could not resist this opportunity, and so now here we are.

Our major focus is on their custom design lineup, but as you will see we are also offering their standard line-up. These lures, particularly the custom ones, are very difficult to find anywhere in the world outside New Zealand. Our main goal is to help expand the Bonze name across the globe, especially here in the US where we can offer better deals thanks to the avoidance of exchange rate fluctuations as well as much lower shipping costs. Even among international customers, again, these custom lures are extremely hard to come by. 

We are extremely excited to be adding to our International line-up with the inclusion of Bonze Lures. GZ Lures is designed to be the premiere destination for all handmade/custom trolling lures above any spot in the world - There was a definite match between GZ and Bonze that we knew was in our best interest to take advantage of the opportunity. If you have never tested these lures out for whatever reason, we hope you give these a shot in your line-up as we fully believe the investment will pay off for you.

**Our initial selection is limited, but the goal is to continue to expand our range of offerings as time goes on and word spreads. If you have any specific requests as either lures sell out or we do not have a specific lure you are looking for, please reach out to us and let us know what you are looking for so that we can bring them in our next shipment.**