TANTRUM Lures are handmade by Australian lure maker Nick Durham, who recently moved to Kona, Hawaii to work along the best in the industry in one of the best Marlin fisheries in the world while fishing on the Pursuit out of Kona. TANTRUM Lures were first established in 2004 out of a passion for Hawaiian made lures, and today they are highly regarded as some of the best lures in the business. 

As with any lure maker, there is always a mentor to help keep them on their feet during the early days especially. For Nick, that was Bart Miller of Black Bart Lures. Bart helped Nick refine his work and encouraged him along the way, and without someone like Bart in Nick's life TANTRUM Lures would not be what they are today. Just like in any business, true momentum comes from learning from someone who accomplished the success you are seeking. Now as a customer, you all can benefit from the mentorship that Bart Miller provided Nick as his lures are truly some of the best out there.

The resin is crack and chip resistant, so you can be sure that they will last the beating they will inevitably take. The quality is top notch and consistent. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, Nick is a fisherman first. His experiences led to the quality of product that was produced. Experience in fishing doesn't necessarily result in successful lure building, but it sure doesn't hurt. These have been tested and ran by true professionals all over the world and in some of the most competitive environments with the most money on the line, and they have resulted in some killer pay days. 

Our Chief Brand Officer and head GZ Pro Captain Chris Donato out of Kona himself runs a few of these in his spread every day. They will produce fish for you if ran properly, and our goal is to help you bring the most success that you can have while using them. Reach out with us with any questions on how to run your TANTRUM Lures.