TANTRUM Lures - Large Tube

The Large Tube is a 12" skirt saddle sized flat backed Tube shape with a beveled nose - Keel weighted for excellent balancing.

From Nick Durham on his Large Tube:

"The Large Tube was the first tube we created in our range in the early days and one of our all time favourites. In fact, we love it so much that it became the inspiration for our logo over ten years ago. The Tube is a flat water specialist and its action will have you mesmerised as it shoots plumes of white water in to the air with its aggressive rooster-tailing action. We have many fond memories of this classic shape but one that stands out is a special day off Sydney when four blue marlin from 300 to 650 pounds were all over it while run on the long rigger on a rare glassy calm day. Every true lure fisherman should have a Large Tube rigged up and ready to go for those calm days, for those lucky enough to fish where the waters are consistently flat then this should be a full time player in your starting line up! The Large Tube has a wonderful ability to maintain an aggressive action from a relatively low towing angle where many other shapes may struggle on flat days. Don’t leave home without it!

  • SKIRT LENGTH: 13.5″
  • HEAD LENGTH: 2.9"
  • HEAD WEIGHT: 5.8oz
  • RECOMMENDED POSITIONS: Long Corner, Short Rigger, Long Rigger

BOM Skirt Size 502