Marlin Magic Lures

Marlin Magic Lures were founded in 1980 by Captain Marlin Parker and master craftsman Gary Eoff. Since then, their lures have become one of the largest handmade trolling lure brands on the market. They have potentially won more tournaments than any other lure maker on the planet. Today they are one of the most recognizable brands in this industry and continue with their excellent reputation for catching fish of all kinds.

Marlin's story began in 1954 before he was born when his famous father Captain George Parker caught a 1,002 pound Grander Blue Marlin. This fish not only gave Marlin his name but also became his destiny. In 1976, Marlin became a Captain and soon after caught a 1,257 pound monster Blue that helped carve his reputation as one of the best Captains in the world. His largest Blue Marlin since stands in the record books as the 4th largest Blue caught by rod and reel to date - a 1,400 pound beast. Not only has he caught many Granders, he has also won countless major tournaments including the 2002 World Cup and the HIBT in Kona in 2003 as well as many others.

The reputation behind these lures speaks for themselves. Gary Eoff is the creator and Marlin is the man with years upon years of wisdom as a legendary Captain. Between the two of them, you now have what is one of the giants behind handmade trolling lures. When you purchase a Marlin Magic Lure, you know that the expertise put into that lure will surely produce fish for you.