Mark White Lures

Mark White Lures are hand-made out of out of Kauai, HI by Jesse White, son of founder Mark White. His lures are uniquely made out of ceramic rather than traditional resin based molds and therefore has a completely different manufacturing process - They are actually fired in a kiln before being painted.

Here is a cool "making of" video from their Instagram channel on their manufacturing process. Click the link to view:

We are currently focusing on their Smoker shape as it is a head style we currently do not carry and are very well known. The Smoker has 4-hole jets coming out the side of the head instead of the bottom of the lure head which gives it a massive wide smoke trail. Available are 7" & 9" sizes.

Skirted Weight: 2.8oz
Head Weight: 1.8oz
Head Length: 1.6"
BOM Skirt Size: 302

Skirted Weight: 5oz
Head Weight: 3.2oz
Head Length: 2.2"
BOM Skirt Size: 402