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As you well know, keeping in stock everything these lure makers create, both colors and models, is nearly impossible. And maybe you either don't have the time to scroll through our whole site, or maybe you can't possibly choose a spread for yourself because of all of the options in front of you. - This is where we come in.

1) Send in your lure requests - Specify Model/Maker/Color/Shape or any combination of those. If we don't have it in stock, we'd like to order it for you and get it in with our next shipment whenever possible. We don't require payment - If you don't like what comes in or if you change your mind, someone else will buy it eventually. No pressure, no commitment. 

**Disclosure - It can take a few months to get orders in, so please keep that in mind when placing lure requests.

2) Request a Spread - Specify any information you'd like to give us, and we will help create your spread with what we have in stock. Let us know how many lures you're looking for, head shapes, colors you like, where you fish, sizes, etc. The more information you give us, the better spread we can create for you.

3) Send in your feedback - Let us know what we might be able to change or add to the site, including new lure brands or other products you would like us to add to our store. We are looking to create the most user-friendly site possible. This site is for you guys to not just fulfill your needs but also enjoy. We are all ears.

Thank you for your support!

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