Bonze Lures - Havoc

The Havoc is a Heavy Tackle lure with 12" sized skirt saddles. Has a heavy forward taper and a nice reverse taper with a slanted plunger shaped nose.

BOM Skirt Size 502.

From "Bonze" Fleet on the Havoc:

Havoc by name; havoc by nature. This angle faced plunger with reverse taper to provide that extra bit of action to provoke electrifying strikes. This lure matched with the evil skirt colour has proven itself to be deadly on blue marlin in New Zealand and is a true favourite of legendary New Zealand Captain Chris Ash.

  • Skirted Length: 400mm / 15.75”
  • Hook Size: 10/0 -11/0
  • Leader Size: 400lb – 600lb
  • BOM replacement skirt size: 502