Aloha Lures - Large Gully Boy

The Aloha Lures Large Gully Boy is the 14" skirt saddle sized version of the popular Gully Boy shape with a scooped nose and mostly front taper. Great especially on Marlin.

Here's Captain Chris on the action of the Large Gully Boy (seen below): "The large gully boy has a loud pop followed by a deep dive and direction change. After its deep cycle you will see how it almost skitters away back to the top looking like a fleeing bait fish. It had a way more stable swim pattern than most scoop face lures; however, it has that distinctive wiggle and pop associated with those fish raising style of lures. Excellent short or long rigger bait."

Head Length - 3.25"

Head Weight - 6oz

Skirted Length - 16"

BOM Skirt Size 602

Here is the Large Gully Boy in action with an underwater swim video aboard the Benchmark with Capt. Chris Donato:

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