Aloha Lures - Large Magic Malolo

The Aloha Lures Large Magic Malolo (also known as the Magic Bullet) is the 12" skirt saddle sized version of this blunt nosed bullet with a flat back. This special edition comes with a hand-painted Malolo insert - Amazing work from Erik "Merlin" Rusnak on this extremely successful bullet. From the time of this write up, Capt. Chris Donato has only been fishing this lure for a few months, and he raves about this lure as its caught its fair number of fish already. Especially killer on Tuna & Marlin.

Here is Capt. Chris Donato of Grandermarlin Sportfishing with his personal review of the Magic Malolo as well as a brief conversation with Capt. Erik Rusnak of Aloha Lures on the lure, which happens to be one of his personal favorites:

Head length - Approximately 2.25"

Head Weight - 6.3oz

Skirted Length - Approximately 11" (Reg. Flashabou) or 14) (TANTRUM Strobez Flashabou)

Flashabou Skirting takes 4 Packs regular flashabou or 3 Packs TANTRUM Strobez

BOM Skirt Size 502