Bonze Lures - Undertaker

The Undertaker is a Medium Tackle lure with 9" sized skirt saddles. The head shape is a heavy tapered plunger style lure with predominantly forward taper and a slanted nose.

Head Length 1.5"

Head Width Approx. 1.25"

BOM Skirt Size 402.

From "Bonze" Fleet on the Undertaker:

"As the name describes this little lure is a killer! It may be small in size but packs a mean punch. With its short little head and aggressive angled face you will have a very high hook up rate. So keep your eyes on this little gem as you are going to have plenty of action ahead!"

  • Skirted Length: 305mm / 12”
  • Hook Size: 9/0 – 10/0
  • Leader Size: 300lb – 400lb