Crampton Baits

Crampton Baits are handmade one by one by Brian Crampton, son of legendary Captain and lure maker Scott Crampton. Brian spent time in Scott's shop learning Scott's tricks before he passed away in 2020. His lures are made from the exact same molds as his father. Brian is now moving forward in the name of his father, producing the same legendary designs that brought Scott his name in the lure making market as well as bringing back some older shapes that were lost in the shuffle.

We've personally had some experience fishing with Brian's lures in the Azores and Cape Verde in the 2022 season with a lot of success (referring to our Pro Stand-Up Angler Roger Marandino). To put it plainly, we are sold on Brian's work, and you should be as well. Roger caught more than a handful of fish this season on them in the couple of weeks they were in the water including some in the 600+ range up to 800+.

Scott's staple work involved real shell inserts, which Brian is bringing back as well. They have the same typical signature design as Scott's work with the silver and red wrapped leader tube that shows under the real shell slabs - Very recently, Brian added the "Crampton Baits" signature to both help identify and also distinguish his lures from his father's work.

If you were in love with Scott's work before, I can nearly guarantee that you will also love Brian's work. The lures are straight up gorgeous, and they most definitely produce fish. Brian has been perfecting his designs over the last year to ensure that they run true to the Crampton name and not stopping at that. Captains in the Azores and Cape Verde are completely sold on Brian's lures with intense demand ever since Roger left the Azores. They were out-producing most other lures there.

We are beyond proud of what Brian has accomplished in his journey of reviving his father's legendary lures as well as preserving his legacy in lure making history. He is walking in his father's footsteps with upmost integrity. As a friend of Scott's while we were selling Scott's lures in the past, this puts a smile on our faces. Brian is a great man just looking to keep his father's legacy going, and he's doing a heck of a job thus far. We are beyond stoked to share Brian's work with the world.

Here is our Pro Stand-Up Angler Roger Marandino on his personal review of Crampton Baits including his most recent trip to the Azores where he caught 5 of his 9 Blue Marlin on Brian Crampton's lures: