Aloha Lures - Sundowner

The Aloha Lures Sundowner is a brand new bait to late 2022, and one that we think will be an extremely hot seller over time. It is a flat nosed 14" skirt saddle sized pusher style bait, similar in design to the popular Hard Head shapes with a forward tapered head and flat nose. This is a beast of a lure, but it can be trolled in practically any position. Capt. Chris Donato of GZ has been using this bait for a couple of months as of the time of this release, and right away Chris was getting consistent bites - So much so that despite limited experience using this bait, he went ahead and added it to his Bisbees spread which produced or raised 2 fish during the tournament.

Here is Capt. Chris Donato on his experiences with the Sundowner to date:

"I actually ran it on the stinger just because I wanted to see how it ran, and all the other spots in my spread were busy with lures I didn't want to take out of the spread. About 2 hours into running it on the Stinger and BOOM. It stayed there and got bit every single day I ran it - It was even part of a double. I think it's interesting running it on stinger because it kind of sparks the interest of a fish leaving or entering the spread and is an easy meal. Obviously most normal people would probably run it long corner or short rigger." 

BOM Skirt Size 702

Head Weight: 9.4oz

Head Length: 3.75"