Aloha Lures - Bamboocha

The Bamboocha is a hidden gem in Erik Rusnak's Aloha Lures Marlin series of baits. These have been produced in limited numbers and are therefore a rare treat to be able to offer these. The head shape is a heavily tapered plunger style head with steep front and rear taper. 

Some very famous Captains have run these baits with a ton of success, one of which is one of our Pro Staff Captains Marty Bates out of Cape Verde. Here is what he had to say on the Bamboocha:

"I have been fishing Aloha Lures since 1997 - One of my all time favorites to have in your stable of lures is the Bamboocha. We run it on our short rigger, and it runs great in rough water also."

Below is a photo of an 800+lb Marlin caught by Marty on a Bamboocha - You can see the lure in the photo as well.


BOM Skirt Size 602

Head Weight: 6.7oz

Head Length: 2.5"

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