Koya Lures - XL Poi Dog

The Koya Lures XL Poi Dog is a brand new Teaser made in 2023 from Koya Lures. Compared to the XXL version of the Poi Dog, it is fairly similar in size but a bit different of a shape/design. If you look at the XXL Poi Dog (which has been in circulation for years) compared to the Large Poi Dog, you will notice that the shape looks different - It doesn't exactly look like a Poi Dog when it comes to width/length dimensions. The brand new XL version of the Poi Dog was made to basically be a scaled up version of the Poi Dog - The shapes look right on. 

Given that the Poi Dog shape is one of the most popular lure shapes out on the market today, if you're looking for a Teaser bait that swims fairly similar to the Poi Dog, this is what you have with the XL Poi Dog. And this is why we believe this is going to be a very popular lure and one of our most popular teasers from here on out.

Skirting: Recommend Vinyl Only

Head Weight: 23oz

Head Length: 4.9"