Hawaiian Malolo Bird Teasers

We are beyond excited to offer these premium quality Bird Teasers from the company Hawaiian Malolo Bird Teasers - They specialize specifically on bird teasers, and you would be hard pressed to find a better bird out there. 

We first heard about these bird teasers in the Summer of 2023 from Bonze Lures - Capt. 'Bonze' Fleet was using these primarily with their Weapon bait while fishing in the Azores, and they were absolutely slaying fish with these baits on the regular.

Bonze assisted in connecting us with one of the partners in the Company, Kydd Pollock. Kydd his other partner Greg Moss first created the company in 2020 with decades of fishing experience and a background in lure making. All it takes is one conversation with these gentlemen to determine that fishing is their passion, and this small Bird Teaser company was built on a labor of love of the art of bird fishing. They are in this industry to do much more than to just make a buck.   

From Hawaiian Malolo Bird Teasers on their design:

"Our hand-crafted Hawaiian Malolo’s are teasers you can count on. Made and rigged with:

  • Robust urethane resin body
  • Polycarbonate injection molded wing
  • 400 lb. Stainless ball bearing, tournament coast lock Centro swivel
  • 600 lb. Multi strand stainless cable 

Hawaiian Malolo Bird Teasers are not your typical pelagic trolling attractor. These hand-crafted teasers are designed with life like shape and action, strength, agility, and stunning fish attracting colors in mind. Designed to constantly ride upright, fluttering side to side on the wings, we seldom see it dive underwater even in windy conditions. Long rigger or Stinger (Shotgun) positions are ideal. Leader length is a personal preference with some people using ~6’ (2m) but the Malolo Team having great success with ~12’ (4m). Any lure will work behind a Hawaiian Malolo Bird Teaser but when you factor in the best trolling positions, 6-9” skirted bullet head style lures are ideal. The bird provides more action and attractiveness to the straight running lures (easy to eat!) in the back of the lure pattern.

Length - 6.25"
Wingspan - 7.25"
Weight - Approx 3oz