TANTRUM Lures - Large Bandit

The Large Bandit is a 12" skirt saddle sized heavy reverse tapered plunger shape with a short but stubby nose - Keel weighted for excellent balancing.

From Nick Durham on his Large Bandit:

"The Large Bandit was one of the first shapes created at TANTRUM Lures and probably the most successful to date. With countless tournament wins and 500lb+ blue marlin to its credit, the largest (so far) on this proven winner is a 985lb blue marlin caught by Captain Jeff Le Strange in Vava’u Tonga. Its enticing action featuring plenty of splash and wiggle has proven irresistible to big blue and black marlin time and time again. The Bandit is most well known as a short rigger and long corner lure but will genuinely run beautifully in any position – it really is one of those lures that should be out there every day you’re blue marlin fishing. Don’t fall in to the trap of under-rigging this lure, the Bandit built its reputation on big fish!

  • HEAD LENGTH: 2.4"
  • HEAD WEIGHT: 5.6oz
  • RECOMMENDED POSITIONS: Short Corner, Long Corner, Short Rigger, Long Rigger

BOM Skirt Size 602

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