Crane Lures

Crane Lures are handmade one by one by Brett Crane out of California. His influences come from the original Hawaiian lure makers who started it all, and you can tell his main goal is to carry on that tradition brought forth by the pioneers of the handmade trolling lure industry. 

His lures range in size from 7" to 14" in all different styles. There's something there for any trolling lure fisherman whether you're targeting Blue Marlin or Mahi Mahi. 

Brett is a next generation lure maker - he will be one of the guys that determine which direction lure making is headed in the future. His lures are top notch - If his current string of lures is any indication, the future is very bright for him, and handmade lures will be here to stay. You cannot go wrong with any of his lures.