Mold Craft

Mold Craft was founded by Frank Johnson Sr. in 1971, who has now passed on and left the Company in the hands of son Frank Johnson III. Frank partnered up with Capt. Peter B. Wright, who engineered the "Original Soft Head" known as the "Ca-Ca Lure", in order to develop the Mold Craft Company we now see today. Peter's original soft head concept derived what we now know as the Mold Craft Soft Head.

From there, the amount of innovative products has grown leaps and bounds and has had an incredible influence on the trolling market especially. Some of the most famous hard resin designs such as the Hard Head and others came from these original "Soft Head" shapes, none more famous than the Wide Range.

For the full story on the development of the Mold Craft company and where it all began, click here.

The products to this point that we are focusing on involve the famous Wide Range & Super Chugger shapes, although there are others that are also well known and popular. We are also carrying their Tuff Tails product line, which are prominently used for vinyl skirting materials for the underneath/bottom skirt saddle.

If you wish for us to carry something specific from Mold Craft, especially their trolling lures, feel free to contact us to discuss on our Contact Us page: