Fire Tailz Products

Designed to match the hatch, these printed dredge strips by Fire Tailz emulate the prey of billfish. 

"The best fisherman have known the benefits of using strip baits for years. Introducing the lightest, easiest pulling, best swimming dredge bait on the market. We have utilized the flow of water into our patent pending gill design to create an extremely realistic swimming action unlike any other offering available. Minimal drag means you can stack your dredge, creating the effect of a more dense school of baitfish. Break less dredges and catch more fish!"

Here are the color options and dimensions of each pattern:

Tinker Mackerel - 11.25"x2.25"
Mahi - 14"x2.5"
Skipjack - 14"x2.5"
Tuna - 14"x2.5"