Niiyama Lures

Niiyama Lures are all handmade by Jon Niiyama out of Hawaii. While he is one of the newer Hawaiian lure makers out there today, there is no doubt in our minds that at some point his lures are going to be known worldwide with a reputation as one of the current generation greats. And much sooner than later. His design work is completely original - unlike anything else you've seen in the lure making market. 

We have yet to find a more lifelike lure made out there in the world today. The detail on each lure head is absolutely insane. The fins and gills are textured, the head shape is bumpy and curved, the mouth has perfect creases, and the eyes are 3D and ultra realistic. There isn't one detail that you would expect to find on any one of these baitfish head shapes that won't be found on these lures. You must see them to believe - nothing we can capture in a photo does any sort of justice to the real thing.

And these lures flat out catch fish. His reputation has taken off since he first released these to the public. Jon has countless photos of all kinds of varieties of fish caught on his lures from Aku/Skipjack Tuna all the way to massive Blue Marlin. There's something to offer to every big game trolling fisherman. 

We cannot say enough just how amazing these lures are. Once you see and fish one yourself, you will be hooked.