JB Signature Lures - Thumper

New to late 2020, the Thumper is a keel weighted lure with proportions similar to a short plunger, but with an asymmetrical profile not cylindrical. This profile gives the
Thumper larger shoulders towards the front of the lure which then tapers
down towards the tail, giving it an aggressive surface ripping splash before diving with a nice tight enticing action.

The Thumper is an aggressive yet easy to run lure with great stability, with an
ideal trolling speed of 7-10 knots in all sea conditions. Awesome lure on the
short rigger or corner, but runs great anywhere in the spread. The hole at the back of the lure head has been enlarged and acts as a hook lock. Just wrap some tape around the crimp and pull it into the hole locking the hook in position. Thumpers run best when rigged with a single hook. They come in both a Medium 9" & Large 12" size with color-shift flake inserts.