Zacatak Lures

Zacatak Lures are handmade in Cove Springs, Florida, owned by Hi-Liner Fishing Gear & Tackle.

Their lures are great for all pelagic trolling including hi-speed wahoo trolling with sizes ranging from 7" to 12" head sizes (Small 7", Medium 9", & Large 12").

From their website:

"Only an angler truly understands the captivation of the ocean. 

It fuels our passion and ignites our soul. We are driven by chase... the battle... the triumph.

But in the blink of an eye an opportunity can disappear and life is too short for second chances.

When every second on the ocean matters, you need to take the upper hand. 

Zacatak Lures. Built with precision to make every moment count.

Captivate. Conquer."