Pulsator Lures

Pulsator Lures were founded by Ryan Williamson (son of Jon Williamson, founder of the popular Williamson Lures back in the 70's) and are handmade in Durban, South Africa. Ryan first began making lures in 2005 - Their reputation since that day has grown in stride, especially over the last few years globally. Ryan himself has extensive experience captaining boats all over the world - One of his most recent (and greatest) achievements was a 1370 aboard the 'Smoker' in Cape Verde with angler Ben Vosloo, caught on 5/22/22 on the Pulsator Tube - This was the 2nd largest fish ever weighed in the Atlantic.

The Pulsator team includes Ryan as well as Managing Directors Lande Williamson & Matt Swemmer. They are steadily setting themselves up for a massive leap with the team they are building, combining the fishing acumen and degree of knowledge with founder Ryan Williamson as well as the supporting team running the business operations. We think this will be a name that becomes more and more popular over the years.

They use a ballistic resin technology with their lures that prevents the cracking and damage that is always a threat with other resin-based handmade lures. Combine that with their expertise in fishing fundamentals and lure technology with decades of experience in lure fishing, and a family tradition of high-quality lure manufacturing, and you get a keel-weighted product that can be put to the test with some of the most prominent names in the industry.