JB Signature Lures - Dive Bomber

Information courtesy of Dave Harrison, the creator of JB Signature Lures:

"The JB Signature Lures Dive Bomber is a heavily keel weighted 'Swim bait bullet'. With a slim profit and an offset hole, it zips along under the surface with an enticing action that looks very realistic in the water. The asymmetrical shape and keel weighting ensures they always run true at trolling speeds 7-10 knots in all conditions and up to 15 knots on those calm days.

The Dive Bomber was originally designed as an easy running lure for the shotgun (stinger) position that doesn't blow out and cross over other lures when the weather gets a bit sporty. It runs great in all positions, however, and looks really fishy running on the long rigger in clean water.

Like all JB Signature Lures, the Dive Bomber has an enlarged hole at the back of the head which acts as a hook lock. Just wrap some tape around the crimp and pull it into the hole to set the hook."

Comes in Small 7", Medium 9", & Large 12" sizes.

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