Ganku Lures

Ganku Lures are handmade out of Maui, Hawaii by master craftsman Leighton Nakamoto. His lures are perhaps the most artistically designed trolling lures I have ever seen. His creations are straight up imaginary masterpieces. Many have a specific bait in mind that they mimic, and others are beautiful works of art in amazing colors. His lures target all varieties of big game fish, especially Ono (Wahoo), Ahi (Tuna), Mahi Mahi (Dorado), and Billfish including Sailfish and Marlin.

Leighton was a long-time fisherman with many years of experience and has now been making lures for years. His lures are not easy to find at all outside of local Hawaiian tackle shops, and even then they are not mass produced as lure making is just his "hobby" job. That being said, stock/supply is limited and sometimes takes a while to receive shipments.

We cannot do these lures justice by displaying them on a website, no matter how good the pictures are. These are pure works of art that produce fish on the regular as well with many tournament winners over the years. You will be blown away once you see them in person. We love working with Leighton, and our goal here is to help him find customers who will appreciate his lures like they were designed to be appreciated. And, oh yeah, get them bit as well.

If you have any specific requests, we can add them to our next order so feel free to contact us.