TANTRUM Lures - Large JetPack Bullet

The Large JetPack Bullet is a 12" skirt saddle sized bullet shape with heavy reverse taper and a 4-hole jetted nose. 

From Nick Durham on his Large JetPack:

"The Large Jetpack Bullet was created following the incredible worldwide success of the Medium Bullet. We wanted to offer a bullet that would accommodate heavier leader and larger hooks as it has been proven time and time again that giant blue and black marlin love these things! The Large Bullet spends most its time just under the surface creating a phenomenon that those in the know refer to as the “black water ripple” with the occasional skitter across the surface. Needless to say its subtle action will be irresistible to all the pelagic predators in your local waters. Our favourite position for this shape is the long rigger paired up with a Medium Bullet on the shotgun."

Length: 13.5" 343mm
Tackle: 24kg-60kg
Hook Rig: single 10/0+
Position: Longrigger, Shotgun

BOM Skirt Size 502