Zacatak Lures - Roach

The Roach is a short stubby head with heavy front and reverse taper and a deep cupped nose

From Zacatak on the Roach:

"Features a huge cup face for maximum action and vibration in the water. Dives deep with a wild head shake and serious splash when it breathes. Generates an impressive smoke trail that draws the attention of all game fish species."

Recommended Trolling Speed: 6-10 Knots

Lure Specifications:

Skirted Weight: 1.9oz
Head Length: 1.2"
BOM Skirt Size: 302
Trolling Positions: Short Rigger

Skirted Weight: 4.1oz
Head Length: 1.5"
BOM Skirt Size: 402
Trolling Positions: Short Rigger

Skirted Weight: 6.5oz
Head Length: 1.65"
BOM Skirt Size: 602
Trolling Positions: Short Rigger