Zacatak Lures - Smoka

The Smoka is a longer nosed forward tapered bait with a deep cupped nose. 

From Zacatak on the Smoka:

"The long tapered profile maintains stability, regardless of sea conditions. The ultimate smoke trail to entice all big game species. Even when the fishing has fizzled out the Smoka is known to seduce!"

Regarding Hi-Speed Wahoo Fishing:

"The long tapered profile of this lure helps maintain stability at any speed and trolls straight & true - minimizing tangles."

Recommended Trolling Speed: 6-12 Knots (Unless using a diamond trolling weight)

Lure specifications:

Skirted Weight: 2.5oz
Head Length: 1.8"
BOM Skirt Size: 302
Trolling Positions: Long Corner/Shotgun

Skirted Weight: 4.7oz
Head Length: 2.4"
BOM Skirt Size: 402
Trolling Positions: Long Corner/Shotgun

Skirted Weight: 8.5oz
Head Length: 2.65"
BOM Skirt Size: 602
Trolling Positions: Long Corner/Shotgun