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WE SHIP WORLDWIDE! We recommend DHL & UPS shipping options for all of our international customers.
WE SHIP WORLDWIDE! We recommend DHL & UPS shipping options for all of our international customers.

Mitsuo Lures

Mitsuo Lures are hand-made one by one by Hawaiian legend lure maker Burt Saito. Burt is now "retired," but still makes a few lures here and there. I am extremely proud and fortunate to be his only retailer that sells his lures - he doesn't even sell them to local tackle shops anymore. If you are not a good friend of his, you won't be able to find them.

This is where I come in. Because he is retired, I don't get shipments in very often, and there's no telling how much longer I will be able to offer you his lures.

Burt has been making handmade trolling lures for decades - He was one of the original Hawaiian legends despite not getting the publicity of guys like Joe Yee. His lures straight up kill it on the water. I have seen heads bit to pieces with cracks and scratches all over the head and still have been able to sell them for near new prices - they are that hard to find and they produce that well. And they've produced record sized fish including more than a handful of Grander sized Marlin.

And then there's the design. All I can say is, "WOW!" Pictures cannot justify just how beautiful these pieces are. Extreme works of art. And they are extremely original in both design and artistic creativity - it's very easy to identify his lures when you see them.

Sizes range from about 4" to massive near-teaser sized plungers. And he has a TON of different molds/styles of lures that he can produce. Inverted, Scooped, Slant, Doorknob, Plunger, etc. etc. etc. Target species include Aku (Skipjack Tuna), Ahi (Tuna), Ono (Wahoo), Marlin, and other Billfish and big game species.

If you have any requests for colors/styles, feel free to message me. It takes me a few months to get orders in, but I place requests when asked, and he's been able to fulfill those with no problem.

Very excited to show these to you guys. I love working with him, and he is extremely appreciative of any support he receives. One of the legends of Hawaii that deserves more recognition, but that is not what he is about. He just loves making lures, and I'm more than thrilled to have this opportunity to share them with you.

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