Koya Lures 861

This collection is for all Koya Lures 861's in the 7" to 16" range.

If you wish to filter to a specific size, use the "Filter By" button by clicking on the down arrow and selecting the specific size and shape you want to see.

Here is Capt. Chris Donato on the 861: 

"This lure is an aggressive swimmer that slightly resembles the splash and explosion of a poi dog however the heavy taper creates a very distinctive wiggle which can be seen in its fish tail bubble trail. The tight side to side action no doubt creates some vibration for a fish to investigate. Good lure to combo with a tube style or mole hill style lure. Also the XL model is a great foul weather lure and can replace your short corner in the chop. The XL I like short or long corner and I like getting a lot of angle on the lure but bringing it down a bit in the angle when a fish comes up on it to get it into a more wiggle and tease motion. This lure will pop, plunge, wiggle and repeat. If run and rigged properly, it will have a very consistent action. The Large I would run short rigger or long corner if your Marlin are small."