Zacatak Lures - Midge

The Midge is a short nosed cupped face bait with steady reverse taper almost to the nose followed by a heavy forward taper. 

From Zacatak on the Midge:

"Excellent stability and the master of rough weather conditions. Brings a violent head shake maneuver that fish can't resist! A genuine all-purpose lure, with epic results on all offshore species."

Lure Specifications:

Skirted Weight: 2.1oz
Head Length: 1.4"
BOM Skirt Size: 302
Trolling Positions: Short Corner/Short Rigger

Skirted Weight: 5.1oz
Head Length: 1.75"
BOM Skirt Size: 402
Trolling Positions: Short Corner/Short Rigger

Skirted Weight: 7oz
Head Length: 1.8"
BOM Skirt Size: 602
Trolling Positions: Short Corner/Short Rigger