Marlin Magic Lures - Small Ruckus

The Marlin Magic Small Ruckus is the 9" skirt saddle sized version of perhaps their most famous Marlin lure in the Ruckus. This plunger shaped head has a fairly steady taper towards the slanted nose. The reputation of the lure can be derived from its name alone - it creates a "ruckus" in the water that stir up fish like crazy. Captain Marlin Parker himself has won more tournaments on his 12" Ruckus lure than any other lure in his arsenal including the 2002 World Cup and the 2004 Bisbees. Can be ran in any trolling position with success. 

BOM Skirt Size 352
Head Weight: 3.5oz
Skirted Weight Approx. 5oz
Head Length: 1.75"
Head Width/Diameter: Approx. 1.3"