Mitsuo Lures - Bullet

Mitsuo Lures Bullets range in size and shape, from small 5" up to 12" sized skirt saddles. Most are lead based to give that extra weight to keep the lures down and give them the ability to fight through rough seas. I have seen these things roughed up and bit to pieces, so there is no doubt that they work regardless of the size or shape of the bullet. Again, if you haven't seen these Mitsuo Lures in action, you are totally missing out. And the fact that they're extremely hard to find, these are worth absolutely every penny. Distinctly original looking and not just works of art - these catch a LOT of fish. Doesn't matter where you fish, you will love these things. Also extremely collectible as there's no telling when he'll quit producing altogether. I am basically the only retailer he still sells to, so it's not long before you won't be able to find them at all anymore.

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