Mold Craft Blue-White Standard Super Chugger 9" 2.6oz

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The Mold Craft Super Chugger series of lures are arguably the second most popular soft head lure Mold Craft makes, and for very good reason. For one, a Pink/White Senior Super Chugger broke the All Tackle Atlantic Blue Marlin I.G.F.A. World Record with a 1402# monster caught by Capt. Paulo Roberto Amorin out of Brazil on February 29, 1992. Many other Granders and large fish have been caught on this popular easy-to-use lure, and it has stuck in many prominent Captain's spreads.

The head design is steady reverse tapered head with heavy taper right at the deeply cupped/inverted nose. Combine this shape with the proper weight dimensions and you have another excellent all-water (calm or rough) bait that can be trolled at an advertised speed of 6-14 knots. Chugger style lures are very popular because of their ease of use and also their versatility - This lure is no exception. 

We are offering two different sizes for now including the Senior 12" & Standard 9".

**This is the 9" Standard Super Chugger version.**

Weight: 2.6oz

Overall Length: 8.5"

Color: Blue/White