Marlin Magic Purple MOP Blue Back Red Eyes Reverse Taper Large Tube 12" 8.6oz Skirted

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The Marlin Magic Reverse Tapered Large Tube is similar in size to the Large Tube but instead of a flat back with no taper has a reversed tapered back. The reverse taper provides an increase in the action of the lure compared to the flat backed Tube shape. Comes with a set of 12" skirt saddles. Excellent lure for Marlin especially. Best from the Long Corner or Short Rigger positions. Good in Flat to moderately rough waters.

BOM Skirt Size 502
Head Weight Approx. 6oz
Head Length Approx. 2.8"

Insert: Purple Mother of Pearl
Back Color: Blue
Belly Color: Clear
Eye Pattern: Red Eyes
Skirt Pattern: BOM #61 over #190