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WE SHIP WORLDWIDE! We recommend DHL & UPS shipping options for all of our international customers.
WE SHIP WORLDWIDE! We recommend DHL & UPS shipping options for all of our international customers.

Hawaiian Malolo Bird + Bonze Lures Weapon X Combo Feathersword

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From Hawaiian Malolo Bird Teasers on their design:

"Our hand-crafted Hawaiian Malolo’s are teasers you can count on. Made and rigged with:

  • Robust urethane resin body
  • Polycarbonate injection molded wing
  • 400 lb. Stainless ball bearing, tournament coast lock Centro swivel
  • 600 lb. Multi strand stainless cable 

Hawaiian Malolo Bird Teasers are not your typical pelagic trolling attractor. These hand-crafted teasers are designed with life like shape and action, strength, agility, and stunning fish attracting colors in mind. Designed to constantly ride upright, fluttering side to side on the wings, we seldom see it dive underwater even in windy conditions. Long rigger or Stinger (Shotgun) positions are ideal. Leader length is a personal preference with some people using ~6’ (2m) but the Malolo Team having great success with ~12’ (4m). Any lure will work behind a Hawaiian Malolo Bird Teaser but when you factor in the best trolling positions, 6-9” skirted bullet head style lures are ideal. The bird provides more action and attractiveness to the straight running lures (easy to eat!) in the back of the lure pattern."

Length - 6.25"
Wingspan - 7.25"
Weight - Approx 3oz

Wings/Back/Tail: Ice Blue Wings/Chartreuse Body - GZ Exclusive "Feathersword" Color
Body: White Mother of Pearl
Eye Pattern: Black-Red Eyes

Pre-Rigged with a BRAND NEW Bonze Lures Weapon X in matching Feathersword Strobez and Silver Large Scale Prism Wings.

Hook Rig is our GZ Pro Billfish 10/0 Kona Cut Stiff Rig with the following components: 

  • FUDO Kona Cut 10/0 Hook
  • Magic Heat Shrink (blue)
  • 900# AFW Cable w/ Diamond 2.5mm Mini Copper Double Barrel Crimps
  • 12ft of Momoi 530# X-tra Hard Mono Leader w/ Momoi Silver Lock Size "C" Crimps

**Recommended leader length of 8-12ft, but we personally prefer a longer leader length closer to 12ft**