FUDO Super Ocean "Hays" Aida Needle Eye Hooks

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**Price is for a single hook**

From FUDO:

"FUDO Super Ocean "Hays" Aida Hooks are the culmination of real-world feedback and desire to offer big game hooks that anglers will utilize day in and day out. Working closely with the likes of notable captain/lure crafter Andy Moyes and others, FUDO is pleased to offer this versatile hook to anglers around the world.

This model hook is the perfect blend between our Super Ocean "Grander" Curved and Super Ocean "Hays" Open models. While some anglers swear by it, some prefer less bend than the "Grander" Curved, while some prefer more hook tip in than the "Hays" Open, so we positioned the hook point precisely in between, or "Aida" in Japanese.

As part of the Super Ocean series, the "Hays" Aida Needle Eye Hooks are built extra heavy to withstand long, drawn out battles with large gamefish. The needle eye configuration is a fantastic choice when preparing hook sets with wire."

These hooks have had a lot of success already for trolling applications and also have had immense success with swordfishing - This is FUDO's best swordfish hook to date and has guys who have tried them extremely excited thanks to its "Super Ocean" thicker gauge. This is a very versatile hook to say the least.

The following hook sizes are available to order: