Frothy "A La Vive" Pre-Cut Vinyl Sheets - Mackerel Purple V1

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These new vinyl skirts are made by GZ Pro Staff Capt. Frothy de Silva out of Madeira, Portugal. Each skirt is different from another with various baitfish patterns. The material is a bit different than typical vinyl but still utilized and tied together the same way. All skirts have pre-cut strands and are cut to length/size.

Here are the skirt dimensions:

Medium - 12.6" x 5" (32cm x 12.8cm)
Large - 13" x 5.9" (33cm x 15cm)
XL - 13.8" x 6.7" (35cm x 17cm)
XXL - 16.5" x 9.8" (42cm x 25cm)

We recommend trying to use a whole sheet for each lure and not trimming off material much due to the designs, but sometimes to get a "flush" skirt job it requires a strand or two to be removed. The material stretches very well relative to the Naugahyde vinyl, so it is easier to stretch around the lure to fit a tighter skirt.

All that being said, because each lure maker constructs their skirt saddles differently, each lure fits differently. We will do our best over time to recommend the proper ALV Vinyl skirt size on each product page. For now, here is a general assumption on skirt sizes by lure size.

Recommended Skirt Size by Lure Size Dimensions:

Medium - 12" (BOM 502-602)
Large - 14" (BOM 602-702)
XL - 16" (BOM 702 & Some 802)
XXL - Large Teasers or BOM 802+

Color Pattern: Mackerel - Purple