Fish Razr FlapZ x12 & 9" Squid x18 Dredge 38" Bar

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Here is Fish Razr on their FlapZ & Squid Dredge with a 38" Bar:

If you are looking for a dredge that is highly effective for all species, this is it. Multiple bait presentations not only make it a fish raiser but also make the dredge easier to use. The dredge weighs less and pulls significantly less drag than a traditional squid dredge. 18x Fish Razr full body 9” squids with 12x 12” FlapZ hanging from a 38” heavy bar. The outside loops have chains of one squid with one FlapZ - The inside loops consist of two squid and one FlapZ. All custom built using 400lb monofilament and heavy tackle. Available in black sparkle, blue sparkle, pink florescent, green sparkle and red sparkle. Custom colors available. Comes in a mesh carry bag for easy storage.