Diamond Mini Copper Double Sleeves - Cable Crimps

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These Diamond Fishing Products Mini Copper Double Sleeves will fulfill your rigging needs when it comes to cable crimps. These are the crimps we personally use on our hook rigs as well. 

All Sizes come in 50 & 1000 packs.

Sizing Chart: 

2.2mm ID - 600#-800# Cable
2.3mm ID - 800# Cable
2.5mm ID - 900# Cable
2.7mm ID - 1000-1100# Cable

Size (mm)
For Monofilament
Diameters (mm)
Momoi Hi-Catch
Mono Lb Test
Coated Cable
Lb. Test
7×7 Cable
Lb. Test
0.8mm 0.60mm-0.75mm 20lb-60lb 40lb-65lb 45lb-
Black 25ct-100ct-1000ct
1.0mm 0.80mm-1.00mm 60lb-90lb 70lb-100lb 150lb-175lb Black 25ct-100ct-1000ct
1.3mm 1.10mm-1.25mm 100lb-130lb 90lb-200lb 200lb-400lb Black 25ct-100ct-1000ct
1.6mm 1.20mm-1.50mm 150lb-200lb 200lb-250lb 450lb-500lb Black 25ct-100ct-1000ct
1.9mm 1.60mm-1.90mm 200lb-250lb 500lb-600lb Black 25ct-50ct-1000ct
2.2mm 1.90mm-2.20mm 250lb-300lb 600lb-800lb Black 25ct-50ct-1000ct
2.3mm 1.90mm-2.30mm 300lb-400lb 800lb Black 25ct-50ct-1000ct
2.5mm 2.30mm-2.20mm 400lb-500lb 900lb
Black 50ct-1000ct
2.7mm 2.5mm-2.70mm 450lb-550lb __ 1000lb-1100lb Black 50ct-1000ct