Diamond Fishing Products is proud to introduce its’ New ‘Hoo Hunter series of high speed trolling weights.

Computer designed and high-seas tested, the revolutionary weight-forward design drastically improves lure performance at speeds up to 20 knots (and even faster). Their ballistic shape runs straight and true with no vibration and far less bubbles then standard weights.

Available in 7 sizes – 16oz, 24oz, 32oz, 48oz, 64oz & NEW 80oz and 96oz weights.

Each size is available in 3 different models: un-rigged, rigged on 1000lb test stainless cable with a 300lb test Diamond ball-bearing snap-swivel and our custom Pro-Rigged ‘Hoo Hunter Trolling Weights.

The Unrigged and Pro-Rigged weights are made with a heavy-duty brass tube through the center to keep your trolling weights running straight and true for many seasons of hard use.

‘Hoo Hunter Pro-Rigged Trolling Weights

Free Spinning Hollow Core Weight,
Pro-Rigged on 1000lb cable w/300lb Diamond Ball-Bearing Swivel