Diamond Dredge Swivel Without Corkscrew 2000#

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One of our core objectives as a Company is to focus entirely on top of the line products that the professionals use so that you can be certain of the quality of product you are purchasing. These swivels fit the bill perfectly.

These stainless steel dual action ball bearing Dredge Swivels are a brand new product with a 2000# test line without the corkscrew snap on the Dredge Dawg swivels. 

Here is Diamond Fishing Products on their Dual Action Swivels:

"Diamond Fishing Products Double Action Rotary Ball Bearing Swivels are the finest ball bearing swivels manufactured today. They have welded eye rings for added strength and both ends of the swivel rotate individually to eliminate any chance of line twist."

We are offering the 2000# Dredge Swivels in 2 Packs Sizes: 2PK & 50PK