Coggin Lures White Pearl Glass Orange Back Old Style Stick Swimmer 12" 7oz

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The Coggin Lures Old Style Stick Swimmer is one of Steve's larger swimmer heads with 12" sized skirt saddles and a long but slender head with a total head length of 4". The leader tube is offset towards the bottom of the nose and gives it a more aggressive action. These swimmers are very hard to find from Steve Coggin as he rarely makes these anymore. Very hard to find gems. These are best trolled at 6-7 knots. For higher speed trolling, you will want to run the lure on your Outrigger and set it way back in your spread - The additional line weight will keep it in the water better.

BOM Skirt Size 502

This particular head has amazing iridescent white pearl glass inserts with a transparent orange glittered back. These pearl glass inserts are iridescent and throw off a lot of bright oil-like colors with a reflective glass effect. Very rare insert style for handmade lures that I have only seen in Coggin Lures. Skirted in orange/yellow with black stripes along the back over pink with blue glitter.