California Flyer Light Wind Condition Fishing Kite

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California Flyer Co. is changing the game on flying fish imitation and kite fishing. Here we have the Light Wind Condition Kite.

Recommended Wind Conditions: 5-15 Knots

California Flyer on their Light Wind Fishing Kite:

"The California Flyer Light Wind Fishing Kite is the tool you will need to effectively fish a lure or bait on the surface. This kite is designed for light wind condition use which will range from 5-15 knots of wind and will fly stable at these lower sustained conditions. The addition of a helium balloon will help with launching the kite and give you the ability to maneuver without having to worry about the kite losing altitude.

The kite is packaged in a stout travel tube which allows you to pack it away and safely store it after a day on the water."