Bonze Lures Paua Shell Grimmel 12" 10.8oz

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The Grimmel is a Heavy Tackle lure with 12" sized skirt saddles in a classic tube shape.

BOM Skirt Size 602.

From "Bonze" Fleet on the Grimmel:

"Named after Captain Olaf Grimkowski this lure is one of my most recent developments. A weighted rounded edge tube gives it stability even in rough water. This lure has been a real star in its short career already taking numerous blue marlin in excess of 500lbs from the waters of Ascension Island, Cape Verde and the Azores. The Grimmel will become an integral part of your spread! Skirted Length: 400mm / 15.75” Hook Size: 10/0 – 11/0 Leader size: 400lb – 600lb."

This particular head is from their "Signature Series" lineup with classic Paua shell covering the insert and their flashy red "Bonze" eyes and a rainbow-iridescent mirrored wrap along the bottom with the lure signature. Skirted in silver glitter/yellow glitter with aurora and black stripes and a red lateral line over root beer/yellow.